The Playing Field

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Welcome to the Playing Field - The Trinity University Women’s Intercollegiate Athletics History Project website! 

The Trinity University Women's Intercollegiate Athletics History Project began in 2015 as an effort to uncover the development of women’s athletics on campus, a history that was arguably undocumented.  By utilizing Trinity’s University Archives and other regional archival collections, as well as creating an oral history project, the team has since pieced together histories and compiled resources of information in order to fill this gap. 

Over the course of the summer of 2021, the Trinity University Mellon Initiative Summer Institute team designed four exhibits to shed light on Trinity women athletes: first, a directory of intercollegiate teams involving women between the 1960s and 2000; second, a timeline of major events in women’s athletics at Trinity; third, an exploration of the changes in inequities between male and female athletes over the second half of the 20th century; and finally, an exhibit on the impacts of Division III and Title IX on women athletes and their athletic involvement.

The role of this website in the overarching project is to provide an accessible space to present and share previously untold, yet important, histories of Trinity women athletes. Furthermore, we hope that it will serve as a space to continue to collect and document these stories as research continues.

Watch this video presentation on the Mellon Initiative Summer Institute team's project to develop this website. To learn more, visit the about page.