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Sports Summaries

Trinity Women’s Athletics: Sport-by-Sport

From this page you can link to summaries of 13 intercollegiate sports played by female students at Trinity since the 1960s. These were researched as part of the Trinity University Women’s Intercollegiate Athletics history project between 2015 and 2021 and completed in 2022 by 1977 alum Betsy Gerhardt Pasley. Most focus primarily on the three formative decades after the 1972 signing of Title IX.

Each document begins with a brief history of female competition in that sport. As the story shifts to Trinity, notable individual contributions and statistics are included where possible, but the primary focus is on coaches and team accomplishments. Endnotes will guide readers to more detailed information about specific players and teams. The few team photos taken during these 30 years are viewable in the directory from this website. For those sports that continued into the new century, a brief recap of the years between 2000 and 2021 is included. More information about those years can be found online in Trinity University Publications archive, as well as at TrinityTigers.com.

The summaries range in length from 2 to 55 pages (plus endnotes.) All are saved in PDF format. Those interested in reading the entire document may want to download or print the file for easier navigation.

Former female intercollegiate athletes are invited to share photos, videos, or stories from their own intercollegiate athletic experiences through the Contribution page.

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