Bowling Teams

1976-1977 Bowling Team

1976-1977 BOWLING TEAM: BOTTOM ROW: Wini Smith, Terri Stofferson, Coach Yerly, Julie Roba, and Sharon Wolff. SECOND ROW: Frank Luger, Gary Moore, David Drake, Mike Rizzo, and David Culbertson.

1980-1981 Bowling Team

1980-1981 BOWLING TEAM: BOTTOM ROW: June Marie Weirich, Marval Wilkerson, Robin McCarthy, Lori Shelley, Azlan Abdullah, Bill Bilikas, Vince Gibaldi (captain). SECOND ROW: Dave Hersey, Jim Paauw, Coach Bill Bilikas, Evelyn Oefinger (not pictured: Susan Farrell (captain), Marc Roth, Steve Hosford)

1981-1982 Women's Bowling Team

1981-1982 WOMEN'S BOWLING TEAM: BOTTOM ROW: Evelyn Oefinger, June Weirich. TOP ROW: Robin McCarthy, Coach Bill Bilikas, Marvel Wilkerson (not pictured: Tracy Symons, Susan Farrell)